More Mailbox Customers Generating More Revenue

  • A new level of service that current customers will want as an upgrade.
  • The opportunity to attract new mailbox customers not limited to your current geographic base.
  • More demand and more revenue for the services you provide today.
  • Your own online store where your digital mailbox customers can purchase supplies or products that you sell with just a click.

Standing on the Sidelines Will Cost You Big-Time

  • If your store doesn’t offer Digital Mailbox service, others will.
  • Watch competitors steal your postal box customers.
  • Prepare for a decline in your mailbox revenues.

The Demand for Digital Mail Services is the Future, Not a Fad

  • Consumers are more mobile and live their lives online.
  • Consumers and business want to manage mail, forward packages, and conduct transactions online, 24/7.
  • The technology and systems are now available to enable this transformation.

People will use a Digital Mailbox at your store to:

  • View and manage mail when away — business travelers, vacationers, expats, and college students.
  • Immediately read mail content — request a document scan and get a PDF in your inbox.
  • Safeguard mail, checks or packages — no more worries about theft of unsecured items.
  • Digitally archive mail and documents — so easy with our cloud storage service.
  • Protect privacy — when you don’t want to give out your home address or phone number, use your digital mailbox address and phone.
  • Create a virtual office — easily add phone line and fax service to your digital mailbox.
  • Save time — better than a PO Box. No need to call or drive to see and manage what’s in your box.
  • Shop U.S. websites from any country — consolidate packages to save big on international shipping.

For more information about how your PO Box customers will benefit from an iPostal1 Digital Mailbox:
Click Here for the iPostal1 consumer website